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Bioinformatics Algorithm Library aka BINARY

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Bioinformatics C++ Algorithm Data Structure
Yangyang Li
Yangyang Li
PhD Candidate at Northwestern University

The library is a collection of algorithms and data structures that are designed for modern C++ bioinformatics applications. You can use the library in your own projects or as a part of a larger project.

The library will include efficient data structure and algorithm implemented by Modern C++.

The design philosophy of the library:

  • Embrace C++20 standard
  • Supports modern C++ features
  • Support concurrency and thread safety
  • Priority is given to safety and clean design
  • Hard to use wrongly
  • Testing extensively
  • Python bindings

BIoiNformatics Algorithms libRarY aka BINARY


The current project is developing and evolving, and changes will be made to the library as time goes on.


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