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A Python Toolbox - Pybox

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Yangyang Li
Yangyang Li
PhD Candidate at Northwestern University
Table of Contents

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1. Introduction

I have been considering a collection of useful commands for everyday tasks, as many have requested such a tool. In order to make this collection as user-friendly as possible, I have decided to develop a project, which I hope will prove valuable for others as well. As I come across new commands that I find useful, I will continue to add them to this toolbox. Currently, the toolbox includes a command for downloading files from Google Driver, which can download both individual files and those within a folder, though downloading files within a folder requires authentication through the Google API. Additionally, this project, dubbed Pybox, as it is based on Python, includes other features listed below.

2. Installation

The library is available on pypi so that you can install it with pip or pip3 by typing pip install pyboxes. I also have plan to publish this library on Conda so that you can install it with conda install pyboxes.

3. Usage

$ pybox -h # show help
Usage: pybox [options] <command>

  This tool include a bunch of useful commands:

  1. Download single file or all files in a folder for Google Driver
  2. Send message to Slack
  3. more to come...

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  asAyncdown  Download files in terms of links asynchronously.
  gfile      Download file in Google Driver.
  gfolder    Download files in folders in Google Drive.
  slack      Send message to Slack.

  Yangyang-Li 2022

4. Features

I intend to continually expand the functionality of this toolbox by adding new commands as I discover their utility. Furthermore, I am committed to ensuring the quality and reliability of this toolbox. Please let me know if there i s specific command or feature you would like to see, and we can discuss it further.

5. 🚌 Take a tour

A simple and easy to download files by sharing link#

1. Download single file by sharing link of Google Driver.#

$ pybox gfile <url> <name> <size>

2. Download files in a folder by client id and folder id.

$ pybox gfolder <client_id> <folder_id>

Detailed usage please see [Usage Documentation]

A simple and easy to send message to Slack Channel

$ pybox slack [options] <webhook-url>

Detailed usage please see [Usage Documentation]

Download multiple files asynchronously

1. Download single file.

$ pybox asyncdown -u <url> -o <output>

2. Download multiple files.

$ pybox asyncdown -f <url-file>

For example, suppose urls.txt in which the first column is the file name and the second column is the download url. pybox asyncdown -f urls.txt will download all files in parallel.


5. Contributing

If you would like to contribute to this toolbox, please feel free to fork it on GitHub. Please make sure you read the contributing guide before you start. Also, please make sure you pass all the tests before you pull request.


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