NLGraph Visualization

Aurora is a web application for visualizing Non-Linear Graph (NLG). This application allows you to upload JSON data representing graphs and visualize them with various layout options.

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“Seeing is believing; visualizing is understanding.”

Yangyang Li
Author of Aurora

Graph Visualization

The main attraction of our project is the dynamic graph visualization feature. This feature allows users to visualize their data as interactive graphs, offering insights that can be challenging to discern from raw data.

JSON Editor

To streamline the data manipulation process, our application incorporates a built-in JSON editor. This editor allows users to modify their data directly from the platfor.

Resizable Panels

To cater to different visualization needs, our project introduces resizable panels. Users can adjust the size of the graph, walks, and info panels according to their preferences..

Interactive Tooltips

To provide additional details without cluttering the interface, our project incorporates interactive tooltips. These tooltips display information about graph nodes and edges upon hovering.

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More features are coming.