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Yangyang Li

Yangyang Li

PhD Candidate @ Northwestern University


Notes from learning everything
Latex Learning
Autonamte Latex Build Processing
867 words·5 mins· loading · loading
Latex CI
CUDA for Deep Learning Inference in Rust and C++
1329 words·7 mins· loading · loading
Rust C++ CUDA
Aurora: A Web Application for Visualizing Non-linear Graph
Visualization Webapp
Development Tips
32 words·1 min· loading · loading
PxBLAT:An Efficient and Ergonomics Python Binding Library for BLAT
External Python Bioinformatics
TikZ-Learning Journey
520 words·3 mins· loading · loading
Latex Tikz
Efficient Genomic Interval Search Using SIMD-Enhanced COITree
1412 words·7 mins· loading · loading
Rust Algorithm Bioinformatics
How to Use Noodles Library in Rust
2058 words·10 mins· loading · loading
Rust Bioinformatics
Collections of Amazing Vim Tips
·342 words·2 mins· loading · loading
Tiling Windows Management in macOS
497 words·3 mins· loading · loading
MacOS Windows Management
Make A Powerful Terminal Workspace
964 words·5 mins· loading · loading
MacOS Terminal
macOS Setup for Development and Research
·3280 words·16 mins· loading · loading
MacOS Development
Bioinformatics Algorithm Library aka BINARY
110 words·1 min· loading · loading
Bioinformatics C++ Algorithm Data Structure
Bioinformatics Toolbox Aka Boss
100 words·1 min· loading · loading
Bioinformatics Develop C++